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They have to be mindful of so-called friends who may stab them in the back.

Chinese Zodiac Compatibility – Understanding the Characteristics of Your Element -

They must learn to ignore rumors that involve them. Rabbits are blessed with the Peach Blossom Star in This means that it will be a good year for them when it comes to romance. Single Rabbits must keep their eyes peeled and make sure they always look their best as they have good chances of finding a special someone. The partner is also most likely to be within their circle of friends. Rabbits who are committed in a relationship may be the year they hear wedding bells and head down the aisle.

An introduction to

However, the Peach Blossom Star may also bring temptations. Rabbits who are in relationships must be careful not to get too close with friends of the opposite sex. Rabbits will enjoy a good financial outlook in the year of the Rat. Many opportunities to make extra money will come by and their bank account numbers will slowly increase as long as they stay conservative with their expenses. When it comes to making investments, Rabbits can trust their instincts and make smart decisions.

Rabbits who are working for commission such as those in the field of real estate and insurance will attract more clients of the opposite sex. However, Rabbits who have business partners have to be extra cautious. They also have to avoid borrowing money from people they know and beware of theft and robbery. Rabbits must also beware of fraud in September. The careers of Rabbits will be on the rise in the year of the Rat.

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They will also be able to achieve all their goals as long as they put their heart into it. Rabbits will also get plenty of help from female friends and colleagues. They will also get opportunities for a raise in salary or a promotion. On the other hand, their success at work may spark envy from their coworkers.

Although there are no major health concerns for Rabbits in the year of the Rat, they need to pay special attention to their kidneys and watch out for illnesses like Arthritis and Gout.

Chinese Astrology Water Element

They should also stay away from sharp objects such as knives. Because Rabbits will attract more attention in , they must try to avoid staying up all night to socialize or party as this can adversely affect their health. The unlucky months for health are January, February, and July. Rabbits must be extra careful not to fall or get cuts in November.

Your email address will not be published. New Year is a festival to celebrate the beginning of the year. On the traditional Chinese calendar, the year begins when the new moon appears. This site aims to provide you with useful information to prepare for the coming Chinese New Year , including the Chinese zodiac, traditions, and festivities. Legends abound about this form of Astro analysis and its origin. According to one, Buddha summoned all the animals to his kingdom; however, only 12 showed up.

The rat arrived first, then the ox, the tiger, the rabbit along with others and lastly the pig. In order to reward the 12 animals that did attend, the Buddha named a year after each animal. Another beloved story states that a race was utilised at the bank of a river and the animals were to report to Jade Emperor.

All the animals congregated and were instructed to go to the opposite side of the river. The sequence of their arrival would be determined by the order in which the animals reached the other side. Some renditions of the story claim that the cattle elected a water buffalo to stand in for them due to its athleticism in the water. Another interpretation states that the route went through a forest, over hills and flat lands, a stream, prior to eventually ending up across a lake in the designated town.

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Still, another narrative mentions two different races. The first race placed all the animals in two sections to prevent faster animals from overpowering the weaker ones.

Chinese Five Element Astrology

The best six in each section would be selected for an additional round. This final round would decide the order of the animals in the zodiac.

This grouping is the central theory of Taoism and the key ethics of oriental culture and doctrine. It is profoundly entrenched in medicine, martial arts, scientific thinking, astrology, feng shui signs, feng shui lucky signs and much more. Feng shui Chinese astrology interrelationships are very powerful. On the white part, there is a small black circular part and on the black part, there is a white circle in the round part of each comma like symbol.

Yin is the black area and represents negativity. Yang is the pale half and represents positivity or light. This concept is a symbol of opposing characteristics in every element of life. The Chinese astrology elements are merged with the bifold Yin-Yang cycle, which increases the cycle to ten. The odd years are yin and the even years are yang. Because the zodiac animal cycle is 12 divided by two, each zodiac is only possible in either yin or yang. For example, the snake is always a yin and the dragon is always yang.

This consolidation produces a 60 year sexagenary rhythm beginning with the Wood Rat and concluding with the Water Pig. Japan has a custom of celebrating a complete sixty-year cycle of 12 animals and five elements called Kanreki. The current cycle started in In relation to the 12 animals, all even numbered animals are Yin and all odd numbered animals are Yang.

The reason for the number of each animal will take additional study; nonetheless, a basic understanding gives an accurate idea of the essentials of Oriental astrology and how this form of knowledge is something that many Chinese and those in the Asian hemisphere live by. The energy of all things complements and affects each other; thereby, maintaining a balance and harmony with life is the goal of all that exists. What is my element? This is a question asked early by the people of China as it plays such a potentially crucial part in determining their astrological profile and forecast of good or bad luck ahead.

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In ancient China, newborn babies usually got their name from the 'eight characters of birth time' consisting of year, month, day and hour which is represented by two characters each, one character from the Heavenly Stems and one from the Earthly Branches. The four pairs of the birth time reveal the elements in one's life.

Then the parents will give the baby a name containing the element, as compensation, which doesn't exit in the baby's eight characters. The tradition is still followed by some people nowadays. According to Five Elements Chinese medicine theory, among the five internal organs, the heart has the Fire element, the lung Metal, the liver Wood, the spleen Earth, and the kidney Water. The Five Elements theory is mainly used to analyze and study the interrelations and physiological functions of these body parts, and to explain their mutual influences under pathological conditions.

Since ancient times, Chinese sages have skillfully applied the theory to medicine field, learning and explaining physiological phenomena with the dialectical relation of the Five Elements, trying their best to adapt to internal natural laws and to master the operating mechanism of the human body to prevent and treat diseases. What are the 5 elements of acupuncture? Five Elements acupuncture is a very ancient and miraculous acupuncture method, which can not only treat various body diseases, but also adjust people's mind and emotion, etc.

According to the five elements theory, each emotion corresponds to one organ. Happiness-heart; Anger-liver; Worry-spleen; Panic-kidney; Sadness-lung. Bad emotions can damage these organs. Acupuncture can make people feel relax, thus achieving the effect of curing diseases.