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This happens to be one of those years you were expecting as Jupiter, the planet of luck, good. I have spent the weekend reading about Syria and about all the carnage going on. I read and think about using diplomacy, but I am not sure if this is the case or can be the case at this point.


I have a free day today due to bank holiday and I decided to catch up with my writing on myLittleAstrology. My Lion is working, so it is a totally free day for me in front of the computer and.

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With all the sand therapy and the breeze from the sea I almost forgot to write this post about the Leo Sun Sign. I am going to tell you right from the beginning that I am not going to be. Today, I. Dear Leo, this is your general description of the Black Year Snake, The main theme this year for you is home: base, foundation, real estate, land, family, inner foundations.

This theme is central this year because Saturn, the great. Faustus sig. D2v, Cursed be he that took Friar Sandelo a blow on the pate. Johnstone Hist. John Juniper II. The ball took me an awful whack on the chest. Also, in Med. Childrey Britannia Baconica 14 Fruit fails in one countrey, and takes in another. James tr. Gardening The Oak being in its own Nature very difficult to take again. Forsyth Treat. Fruit Trees i. Of ink, etc. Haldane Workshop Receipts 2nd Ser. Of ice: to form esp. Leigh Gloss. Words Dial. Of a lamb: to be accepted by a foster mother in place of her own dead lamb.

Hardy Far from Madding Crowd I. Of a disease, a pain, an injurious or destructive agency, natural or supernatural, magical, etc.

Fresh - Skin care, Perfumes and Fragrances, Makeup, Cosmetics, Hair care, Candles and Soaps.

Secreta Secret. Udall Ralph Roister Doister? Hiij, A plague take Damon and Pithias. Pettie tr. Guazzo Ciuile Conuersat. Grimeston tr. Indies vii. Cowley Disc. Cromwell in Wks. To be seized, attacked, or affected with disease, a fit, fancy, etc. Duke Huon of Burdeux —7 xlviii. Lyte tr. Dodoens Niewe Herball The astonied members, or limmes taken with colde.

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Boffin was then taken with a laughing fit of clapping her hands, and clapping her knees. To have a seizure or attack; to be seized with sudden illness, pain, disease, numbness, or other affection physical or mental. Turner Herbal rev. Markham Cavelarice vii. Rarely in active: see quot. Also humorously quot. Parke tr.

Taurus and Leo: Compatibility in Love, Sex and Life

Rand tr. Gassendi Mirrour of Nobility i. Wilson Cheats v.

Steele Spectator No. Edgeworth Forester in Moral Tales I. Fairfax Treat. Hodgson in Raine Mem. Healy Insula Sanctorum He took sick and died in the island. London News 29 Nov. To catch, catch hold: esp. Now rare. Froissart Cronycles I. Du Verger tr. Camus Admir. Events Rottennesse takes sooner in apples, which are bruised. Brereton Trav. Brown Amusem. The first two quotations connect this with sense 2. Lollard Doctr. Hanmer tr. Eusebius in Aunc. Musicke 95 In which fault you haue beene nowe thrise taken.

Johnson Pleas. Conceites Old Hobson Percy Soc. Shadwell Sullen Lovers i. Enderby's Wife vii. To come upon suddenly, overtake, catch.

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Grafton Chron. Russell Ocean Trag. To swindle, cheat, or deprive of money by extortion. Hammett Dain Curse xii. Bellow Seize Day i. They have smart lawyers. Hilton Some run Crooked ix. Motor Racing. To overtake a competitor. To take to task; to reprehend, rebuke. Sidney Arcadia iv.

Rutherford Lett. By His grace I take myself in these ravings.