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I still love him. After 4 yrs of mourning I cut him off,so far been over 6months and I dont think I will change my decision. It was destroying me-keeping in touch with him. Maybe coz Im cancer-rising sun and aries sun. God hep! You must be logged in to post a comment. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.

Listen to this article. Share this: Twitter Facebook. Comments I have venus in aqua and I cannot be friend with my ex aqua. Leave a Reply Cancel reply You must be logged in to post a comment. Reach Our Readers Advertise on Sasstrology. Learn more about Sasstrology and our readers. Their fantasies have intricate details. Sex is seen as essential for physical health.

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They are very selective in regards to whom they give their love. Emotional security is important for their relationships. They are not are not very romantic. They show love in the way of doing things for you, taking car e of your needs and in other practical ways. It is important to have good manners. Don't use bad language, don't be overly loud, don't interrupt, or be crude in any way. Always be refined. These people hate to be alone and relationships are of extreme importance to them. Their lives are incomplete without a lover. They are very considerate lovers, putting their lovers' needs above their own and they usually treat their partners very well.

Never leave them out of any activity or any thing else, they need to be a part and to do everything together. Leaving them out only will make them feel unwanted and rejected. The men like their women to act like a perfect lady. The strong independent type of woman who is completely self-sufficient is a turn off to them.

Both sexes take pride in their personal appearance and will go to great lengths to look good. Venus in Libra is romantic in the extreme. A lover's sexual pleasure is of the utmost importance to them. They are overly concerned whether you have a good orgasm and enjoy sex with them. They enjoy having sex in the nude.

Venus in Aquarius

They can go for a long time between affairs, as they take love very seriously and it is all or nothing with them. They can be loners. Never talk about their sex life, their secrets, or their personal lives to others; this will really turn them off. They are secretive by nature and any betrayal of trust is unforgivable. Loyalty is of exceptional importance to them and they mate for life.

Their feelings run deep, they desire the perfect soul mate; a soul to soul deep, intense love relationship, especially if the chart has other water signs to back this up. They can become obsessed with a lover. The genitals are the erogenous zones and special attention to these will get you everywhere with one who has Venus in Scorpio.

Become an adept at oral sex and you can be sure to own them. Take the Scorpio man into the shower and give him a soap job. They love the water and sexual massage. Don't ever joke with or toy with their jealous natures, as they can become explosive and violent. Venus in Scorpio is obsessive, especially in love.

Their jealousy can be very dangerous, even deadly. They may successfully hide their jealousy, especially with a twelfth house Mars or Mars retrograde, but it is always there. Like the saying goes Their personal freedom is important to them. They dislike possessiveness and displays of jealousy. They are brutally honest, and do not like lies or any phoniness.

They will respect you for your honesty. They take romance lightly and love to flirt. Kiss and massage the inner areas of their thighs, near the genitals. They get bored easily and are often the first to try a new position or method of sexual intercourse. The men often have a fetish for legs and buttocks. They like their women to wear stockings and high heels during sex. They like to have their loved ones think and believe the same as they do and will try to convert you.

Her Venus Aquarius - dxpnet

Never grab them in front of business associates or social acquaintances, but in private, don't keep your hands off of them. Personal power and status turn them on big time. They may try to buy you in some way. These people are cautious, practical and traditional in their love relationships.

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They are not very quick to make a commitment. Capricorn is the sign of endurance and most of the men have tremendous staying power.

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Venus in Capricorn is persistent and when they are interested in you, they will never give up pursuing you until they have won you over. Security is very important to them in their relationships. Some can tend towards being dominant and sadistic and to certain perversions where sex is concerned.

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Any woman who teases a Venus in Capricorn man is likely to get raped. They prefer to be cool.

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  7. They get bored easily so try to be spontaneous. They like spur of the moment romance and the unexpected. Sex in public places where there is risk of being caught appeals to many of these people. Venus in Aquarius could care less what others think. They enjoy shocking others. Never try to dominate or control these people, as they need lots of space and personal freedom in a love relationship.

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    Be a friend to them as well as a lover. The women are independent, value individuality and refuse to be dominated by men.